Monday, August 26, 2013

Just "Livin on Love"

So much has been going on lately it has been alittle crazy around here!! Billy just got done with his last week over the road and his first day in the office was today!! I am so excited that he has worked so hard to get here and I'm excited to hear all about it when he gets home! 

Shayne's room is coming along we will have it completely done in a few weeks and I can't wait to see the finish product!! 

The antique wardrobe!!

White crib! Still needs distressed! 

Changing table! Still needs distressing! 

Her first little piggy bank that Billy's Mom got for her. It's gold and will go perfect with the gold accents that I'm adding! 

I wanted to add some girly gold glitter to the mix and thought her name in gold glitter would be sooo adorable! I'm having a company custom make it for me. So it isn't done yet but this is a preview of what it will look like! 

I have already changed the pink I said I probably would lol! This one is a really light pink. Almost white and I like it much better. We are even thinking about painting the ceiling in the room a darker pink since that is the new "in" thing! We will make that decision once we get the walls painted! 

Also this Saturday was our 3D/4D. It was absolutely amazing!! What a incredible bonding experience it was!!  It was like she we here. I'm already wanting to do another one! Haha. Imagine that! But I'm going to try to hold out because she will be here in 10 weeks!!! I can't believe we are already at this point! The ultrasound tech said she was measuring a due date of 10/31 but she said the first due date that you get from your doctor is usually the closest so we are sticking with 11/7!! The ultrasound lady is thinking she is going to be around 8.5lbs! She said we will see if she is right! I love bigger that would be just perfect! She has already grown some hair which surprised me bc I was a BALD baby! Lol. Until I was like 2! My hair was really white so it looked like I didn't have any!  
Let me tell you..this girl is HAPPY and she is full of personality...what do you know?? She takes after Mom and Dad...haha! 

Her beautiful smile!! I love this picture so much! It shows me that I'm doing my job to keep her happy and stress free while in my belly! :-) We are two proud parents for sure! 

She looks like she is going to have some chubby cheeks! Which I love!

Her legs and feet!! We might have a basketball player with those legs! Lol! Having her Grandpa to coach her and her Momma's skills she'll be awesome!! ;-) 

I had drank a icy before I went in there. That's how we were able to get the face shots, but as soon as the sugar wore off she was back to hand in front of face. Lol. That's how she likes to sleep! So adorable! And her cute little ear is in this one too! 

Well we are just moving right along and all three Turners and the fur babies are just as happy and healthy as can be!! God has blessed us so much with this pregnancy and our lives together and we give him all the praise for that!! We pray for a easy and safe last 10 weeks and delivery!!

❤❤ Jayme

Sorry if these are alittle crazy with grammar and stuff.  I do them on my phone and the screen is cracked SO bad! It is hard to see and it takes me for ever! 

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