Monday, August 26, 2013

Just "Livin on Love"

So much has been going on lately it has been alittle crazy around here!! Billy just got done with his last week over the road and his first day in the office was today!! I am so excited that he has worked so hard to get here and I'm excited to hear all about it when he gets home! 

Shayne's room is coming along we will have it completely done in a few weeks and I can't wait to see the finish product!! 

The antique wardrobe!!

White crib! Still needs distressed! 

Changing table! Still needs distressing! 

Her first little piggy bank that Billy's Mom got for her. It's gold and will go perfect with the gold accents that I'm adding! 

I wanted to add some girly gold glitter to the mix and thought her name in gold glitter would be sooo adorable! I'm having a company custom make it for me. So it isn't done yet but this is a preview of what it will look like! 

I have already changed the pink I said I probably would lol! This one is a really light pink. Almost white and I like it much better. We are even thinking about painting the ceiling in the room a darker pink since that is the new "in" thing! We will make that decision once we get the walls painted! 

Also this Saturday was our 3D/4D. It was absolutely amazing!! What a incredible bonding experience it was!!  It was like she we here. I'm already wanting to do another one! Haha. Imagine that! But I'm going to try to hold out because she will be here in 10 weeks!!! I can't believe we are already at this point! The ultrasound tech said she was measuring a due date of 10/31 but she said the first due date that you get from your doctor is usually the closest so we are sticking with 11/7!! The ultrasound lady is thinking she is going to be around 8.5lbs! She said we will see if she is right! I love bigger that would be just perfect! She has already grown some hair which surprised me bc I was a BALD baby! Lol. Until I was like 2! My hair was really white so it looked like I didn't have any!  
Let me tell you..this girl is HAPPY and she is full of personality...what do you know?? She takes after Mom and Dad...haha! 

Her beautiful smile!! I love this picture so much! It shows me that I'm doing my job to keep her happy and stress free while in my belly! :-) We are two proud parents for sure! 

She looks like she is going to have some chubby cheeks! Which I love!

Her legs and feet!! We might have a basketball player with those legs! Lol! Having her Grandpa to coach her and her Momma's skills she'll be awesome!! ;-) 

I had drank a icy before I went in there. That's how we were able to get the face shots, but as soon as the sugar wore off she was back to hand in front of face. Lol. That's how she likes to sleep! So adorable! And her cute little ear is in this one too! 

Well we are just moving right along and all three Turners and the fur babies are just as happy and healthy as can be!! God has blessed us so much with this pregnancy and our lives together and we give him all the praise for that!! We pray for a easy and safe last 10 weeks and delivery!!

❤❤ Jayme

Sorry if these are alittle crazy with grammar and stuff.  I do them on my phone and the screen is cracked SO bad! It is hard to see and it takes me for ever! 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Beginning of a Masterpiece

We really didn't get much done tonight besides a wall color picked out for Shayne's room. Which that is actually a huge deal because I want everything to look perfect! Which I know it will! As I sit here in the garage in her rocker I just feel so blessed to have this little life that is moving around in my belly! God is so amazing! I am also blessed because Billy and I work hard for this reason. To be able to do as much as we can for our child! I am able to do whatever my heart desires to this room and that feels so good! I am also so thankful for the help I have to make all of this happen. It is getting really hard for me to bend and move around! And yes I know I know..I haven't seen nothing yet!! Lol
As for her room progress.... i have looked in there several times tonight and i am already IN LOVE and all we have is a strip of wallpaper on the wall, a bunch of unpainted furniture, sample paint on the wall, and BIG PLANS!! This little room is going to be such a comfy and happy place for her to grow! I can't wait!!  I will post some pics tonight and keep everyone updated on the progress we make in the next couple weeks!! 

Shabby Chic wallpaper. I searched for MONTHS for the perfect one!! There is actually a funny story behind it. My Mom wanted to buy the wallpaper for us. I gave her the exact link on where to order it and it comes in the mail and it is SO pink!! I'm like this is not right Mom...I know it. To make a long story short she tried to hide the fact that she had actually ordered it from another company in the wrong color. Her and my Nana tried really hard to tell me that the pink was prettier but I wasn't buying it! Lol. I was already so attached to this one.  It might just be wallpaper but dang it I put alot of work into it! 

We are like 90% sure that this will be the color we use on the rest of the walls. It's called Rose Buff. It grows on me every time I open the door and look in so I think it might be the one!! 

Our paint samples!! 

Her rocking chair!! Love the Shabby Chic look it has! Can't wait to rock and read books to her! 

Her bed that I'm going to paint a antique white color!!! So vintage! Can't wait!! 

Antique wardrobe were I will be able to keep her blankets in! It is actually way taller than this. The bottom piece is not on right now because of painting! 

Well I guess that is it for now!! I better try and get some rest!! Mom and Nana will be back tomorrow to start on furniture!! 

❤ Jayme 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

4th of July trip to KC

Billy and I had a blast this weekend just getting to spend some time together! We went down to the river park in Kansas City on Thursday night after we got there and enjoyed corn dogs and fireworks!! 

Friday we got up early and went to the Kansas City Zoo and then went out on the town for a nice Italian dinner since I was craving pasta!! It was SO good! We also went to watch The Heat! It had really bad language but it was funny! 

Saturday we got up and went to brunch at a really good Cafe then we went and watched Man of Steel IMax! Not much I can do pregnant except eat and watch movies! Lol! The whole trip was a lot of fun but all we could talk about was how excited we are to take Shayne on vacation when she is here!! Being parents is going to be so amazing! 4 more months exactly until her due date!! We can't wait to meet our precious girl!!! Yes! We found out it was a girl at 16 weeks! I forgot to blog that! 
I'm carrying her really low so my belly pics aren't that great yet, but soon she will move up is what my doctor said! 22 weeks! 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

12 Week Appointment!

Yesterday was our 12 week appointment! My mom had a break from work to come with us! I was so excited even though we weren't getting a ultrasound. Their heartbeat machine started messing up and he said just scan her! So we got to have another ultrasound! The baby was moving around like crazy doing flips and kicking! We got to all see the hands and the feet! It was seriously the coolest thing we have ever seen! It's crazy how much they grow from 8 to 12 weeks! I still don't think I have quit smiling! My Momma said that baby is already beautiful I can tell! Can't wait to see the changes at our 16 weeks gender ultrasound!! So exciting!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

First Blog Post!

Hey everyone!! I always said when I have kids one day that I would start a blog, and as most of you probably already know Billy and I are expecting! I am not that great of a writer so bare with me. We are so excited and blessed for this journey that we are on now and we are ready to see this baby!! I will be 10 weeks tomorrow, and I have only been sick a few times. Thank goodness! We found out on March 1st that I was expecting at only 4 weeks. I couldn't keep it a secret because I never can so we told everyone right away. Last Weds was our first appointment with Dr. Don Phillips and we got to see our little one for the first time. It was so neat! Watching Billy's reaction made me really emotional. He had a smile on his face bigger than Dallas! They printed our pictures off and they went straight into his shirt pocket and he was pulling them out to show everyone. I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful man and he is going to be the best Dad!

A little funny to end this blog post ::
What has my cravings been so far?!!? PICKLES!! I have been making Billy SICK over it!! LOL I even like to drink the juice..which in all my years of loving pickles I have never been able to drink the juice. 
Which brings me to my next story....
Sunday we were driving along and I saw a sno cone place! I was like oooo yes PULL OVER!!! So I hop out and I come back to the car and I have a clear sno cone and I see Billy eyeing it. He then ask what flavor I got. I said oh I got just plain ice and I'm going to poor this pickle juice over top of it (yes I had my jar of pickles with me). He started gagging until I said I'm kidding it is pina colada. Do you want a bite? LOL 

This is baby's first picture!!! I know I'm partial but the little pea looks SO perfect! We did get to see the little heartbeat and when we go back on April 30th we will be able to hear the heartbeat!

9 week belly picture!